Club’s Day ESS At BCIT

​BCIT's Club Day is always an event filled with anticipation and excitement. This year, the ​Engineering Student Society (ESS) had the privilege of having ​Marcus Redford and ​Omar Kebedov lead our presence at the event. Let me tell you, they truly brought the energy and enthusiasm!

Marcus and Omar did a fantastic job showcasing our merchandise, giving students a tangible connection to the spirit of ESS. Their flair and passion were infectious, and they could engage with students in an informative and captivating way. They took the time to explain our club's mission, activities, and the countless opportunities available to members.

One of the highlights of their presentation was when they delved into the thrilling competitions that ESS hosts annually. Their attention to detail and ability to paint a picture of these exciting events left potential members eager to get involved. Additionally, Marcus and Omar emphasized the seamless integration into the club, ensuring newcomers felt welcome and supported from day one.

Their dedication and hard work truly made a difference in the vibrant atmosphere of BCIT's Club Day. By reinforcing the ESS as a dynamic community where innovation, camaraderie, and professional growth converge, they sparked a sense of belonging and excitement among potential members.

Marcus and Omar's efforts were instrumental in showcasing the essence of ESS and attracting new members. Their passion for our club and ability to connect with students undoubtedly made a lasting impact. They exemplify the spirit of ESS, embodying the values of innovation, collaboration, and personal growth.


After the excitement of ​Club Day, the ​Engineering Student Society (​ESS) extended a warm invitation to potential members for a detailed meeting later that day. It was an opportunity to dive deeper into the heart and soul of our club. ​Marcus Redford and ​Sasha Roosen-Saba took charge of providing valuable insights into the ethos of ESS, our various initiatives, and the exhilarating competitions that define our annual calendar.

The meeting was an interactive session. Marcus and Sasha encouraged an open exchange of questions and answers to ensure interested individuals could explore every aspect of ESS. They shared their experiences, highlighting the positive impact that being a part of our community has had on their personal and professional growth.

The enthusiasm and passion in the room were contagious, as everyone present recognized the potential for growth and development offered by ESS. The room buzzed with excitement and anticipation as potential members eagerly absorbed all the information shared during the meeting.

Building on this year's Club Day's success, the ESS community looks forward to welcoming new faces into our vibrant environment. New members' diverse perspectives and fresh ideas will further enrich our dynamic community. As the year unfolds, we are excited to witness these individuals' growth and impact as they collaborate and contribute to the exciting initiatives and activities of the Engineering Student Society at BCIT.